Friday, 3 May 2013

Dear classmates, teachers and bloggers

Hi all!

So I finally got into this blog and saw your amazing posts and buildings you´ve built in Minecraft. I´m just a rookie player in Minecraft and I really dont have a clue how to play it but I´m learning fast! Couple times I´ve tried to play the game in our multiplayer server but it comes up with a big error. I got in yesterday and started with some basics (walking around, digging, etc). It seems to be a little bit different game than the games I´ve played before but I like it alot! Next post of mine will be nice, you´ll be amazed for sure!

Feel free to comment and give me some tips for the later challenges I will face on Minecraft! About Civilization, I´m trying to learn the basics and build some kind of village but it is a kind of hard game if you haven´t played it before!

Best regards,


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