Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone for participating in this gaming project. Thank you students for staying with us although we had some problems. Thank you readers for following this blog.

This project is now over and we’ll start planning the next one in the autumn. We will consider the feedback from the students and try to make this course better. Have a nice summer everyone.

Monday, 3 June 2013


Because we didn't got the multi player game working, we needed to play single player. So I decided to choose Russia as my country. Now I'm planning to build the greatest army in the universe. I really don't give a damn about my folk. After I have developed my army as much as it needs to, I'm just simply going to kill everyone in the earth and see what happens.

So umm yeah. There's my house. No more no less. Pretty simple and easy to build. There are also a fireplace and a secret gave (that isn't so secret anymore) in it.

Final words...

I think this was a refreshing course. It was kinda nice to have much a different course, among every else.
I think Minecraft worked well with the course, because it's such a creative game. It's simple enough to learn, but complex enough to keep you interested. Only thing that I think held it back in this course, was the multiplayer. I didn't really enjoy, when the server mode changed from creative to survival, just because there was really no "survival" there, and I personnally don't enjoy gathering all the recourses, if there's not even a little bit survival in it: monsters, hunger etc.
I didn't really like CIV and maybe that's why I don't think it should be in this course. It's much harder to learn than Minecraft, and quite frankly, I dont think it's as fun.
Overall, I think this course was fun, screwing around in Minecraft and all that stuff. But there's still a lot to improve. I think you could do much different games on this course. Example: play a game that's heavily story-driven, and the students have to write an essay about it.


Minecraft build

So in Minecraft, I built this.
I went with somewhat of a Ancient Greek architecture. It has piston-doors and inside it has a little fountain and a testificate.
It's not much, but I have build some other stuff in my world, but they are mostly based around screwing around with redstone, so I wont show them now.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Minecraft bonus

Here is what me and my friends managed to build in Minecraft. We made up our own server and started to build different kind of things. The woodhouse in front of picture is enchantmen room. The lava building behind the enchantment room is supposed to be a beacon but I think it should be little bit bigger to work. We have also our own ship where we can spend our time. The big tree in middle of picture is house, believe it or not! I found out that Minecraft is enjoyable game and I like it very much so we decided to spend our time in good way and do lots of homework because in this course homework was actually pretty fun!

Difficulties to victory

This course started in a messy situation. Things didn't work at all and everyone were quite annoyed. I really wanted to play civilization on multiplayer but we didn't make it. It was a huge disappointment. But in the end this course was fun and I enjoyed it. I think that in next year this will be huge succeed! This course improved my english skills little bit which is a miracle because my english sucks. :)