Monday, 3 June 2013

Final words...

I think this was a refreshing course. It was kinda nice to have much a different course, among every else.
I think Minecraft worked well with the course, because it's such a creative game. It's simple enough to learn, but complex enough to keep you interested. Only thing that I think held it back in this course, was the multiplayer. I didn't really enjoy, when the server mode changed from creative to survival, just because there was really no "survival" there, and I personnally don't enjoy gathering all the recourses, if there's not even a little bit survival in it: monsters, hunger etc.
I didn't really like CIV and maybe that's why I don't think it should be in this course. It's much harder to learn than Minecraft, and quite frankly, I dont think it's as fun.
Overall, I think this course was fun, screwing around in Minecraft and all that stuff. But there's still a lot to improve. I think you could do much different games on this course. Example: play a game that's heavily story-driven, and the students have to write an essay about it.


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