Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Getting started with minecraft

The Lava Lamp

By Leevi, Antti and Joonas

So it is glass palace filled with lava and water with a pool and cow farm outside or simply lava lamp.

It started when I thought about making a huge water fountain.
When I had placed some pillars of wood Antti came and asked me what was I doing I told him I was building water fountain and he started to help me out. When the woodblocks were placed Joonas came up after problems with getting minecraft working and started working with us. After we got the water flowing correctly we thought that it looked bit dull so we decided to but glass around it so it would look more like a building. Then we decided to make it a lava lamp so we filled it with lava from within and made a spot to enter the lamp and see the lava inside within a little glass room. Then we just decorated it. Antti made a pool outside meanwhile I and Joonas decorated the surroundings and inside then we bred some cows outside and put up fences to keep them there and it was done.

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