Friday, 31 May 2013

Feedback about the course and everything

Hey everyone!

I think this course was a success at the end. At the beginning things were all messy but after the beginning everything got organized and clear and everyone learned how to play these two games. Next year, if you do the course again, play games that are newer so people will get more excited. One thing with these two games was that if you hadn´t played them before, it was hard to learn by ourselves and it took a while. Another tip for the next year is that make up more meetings so people will get to know faster how to play the games.
About teachers and the mentors we had i would have two words. I was really amazed how professional they all were playing these games (except Sanna) haha :D (just kidding lol). I wish a great summer for you all who are reading this, enjoy your time and party hard!!

Best regars,

Aleksi the King

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