Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Back with Civilization

Back again in civilization. Had to start a new game but played bit longer now. I'm still playing as Greek with Alexander as a leader.

So I had a good start with more experience than before and had an excellent starting position. I quickly expanded with my second city in couple of minutes and kept expanding quickly. I researched all leading to machinery and other things. Only religion was researched later because I didn't think religion is so important in start. I adopted Christianity when I founded it. 
I'm playing the map Terra and I have discovered all of my opponents. I'm not really trading with them just focusing to achieve weapon superiority and possibly rushing to nukes and take down at least most of them. But I'm not sure if I will nuke them because it will take much more time and slow my process otherwise. So maybe I will just try win space race because I'm already bit superior with my army having gunpowder and grenades at my disposal. I'm even more advanced with my science experiences so it is looking quite good. Maybe I'm playing with bit too easy difficulty but oh well...

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