Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Working hard

Hey all!

We have had some server problems with Minecraft. I have built a very simple house where I can sleep and a warehouse where I can keep my stuffs. Its been very very fun learning how to craft different things in Minecraft. Like I told you at my first post I have never before played Minecraft. I have died few times after I came from underground where I was mining and lost lot of iron and coal. But today I found my first diamonds! It may sound stupid but im proud I have found diamonds! Now i can do something fun with my diamonds.

In civilisation I havent been so active because we have some problems with there too. But I have learned something in CIV too. On my opinion Minecraft is much more better game than CIV. Its been fun in this course playing with friends and alone.

Here is my small house and warehouse in the background.

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