Friday, 10 May 2013

Connection problems?

Hey everyone!

I think we have some kind of problems with the minecraft server system? It´s not working at school at all, it wont connect to the server, so I´ve been playing in different server and I finished with a nice but simple house. I think I´ve learned the basics quite fast and I´m getting better everytime I play. With Civilization our group have quite big issues, I think the turn is still stuck on Teemu, and I haven´t even played the first round so I´m getting annoyed with the whole thing with Civ. It seems to be a nice game tho. Maybe we should have another meeting soon with the group so we could get things moving on? However, things are going great with minecraft without counting the connection problems on school server. So teachers, please make up a meeting soon, so we can get things organized!

(Im playing with my own computer, and i changed the texture pack so it looks different than playing with the school laptop)

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