Sunday, 19 May 2013

Civilization life

Hello everybody!

The world where I play is called "Terra" and the civilization which I chose was the Japanese empire and their leader is Tokugawa.

This is my village, I´ve built a couple of boats (trireme), workers, warriors and a lighthouse is coming up fast. Also I´ve trained alot of skills like mining and construction, mysticism, etc. I think it´s the classical era where I´m living with my japanese people. I think this game is really challenging for the guys who hasn´t played any games like this before because you don´t really know where to start and what to do first and what should you start training. I just tried everything and learned from that way. I hope the multiplayer thing would have worked because single player mode is kind of boring comparing to multiplayer :( I´m really excited to see where you guys are going on this game and how great your empires are comparing to mine.



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